For small and growing businesses, and non-profits

Maybe you started by making cupcakes in your kitchen and selling them on Faceboook, or sorting out your friends’ tech problems for a few bucks -  and it looks like you might be able to make real money at it.  Maybe you have a little business that has grown enough that you need help - an employee, or maybe a loan. Maybe you’ve run a mostly cash business but now you’re letting some customers run a tab.

As a business grows, it faces new rules and new risks.

I can answer a specific question, help draft a tricky letter to a supplier or customer, set up your basic customer contract, or discuss what kinds of legal risks your business faces and what you might do about them.

For people and businesses doing business with governments

Governments are often frustrating and mysterious. I know what gets the attention of bureaucrats; I used to be one.

If you are competing for contracts in a Request for Proposals (RFP): The proposal you put in is scored according to rules set out in the RFP. I can help you figure out how to present your material to get the best score.

For governments, public agencies, institutions and societies

Procurement: design and advice on fair, open, transparent purchasing and contracting, including forms and templates; design and advice for large one-of-a-kind projects.

Contracts: contract templates for repeated use; negotiation and preparation of large one-of-a-kind contracts and leases.

Policies: preparation and advice.

Support in regulatory and other formal proceedings: the preparation of clear, persuasive arguments supported by evidence.

Training on all of the above, adjusted to the current level of sophistication of the trainees.

Assisting two or more parties to resolve their disagreements in a way that allows them to go on living peacefully in the same small community.